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The Refuse Equipment Innovators

A SAFETY FIRST philosophy has resulted in the innovative design of both the SCORPION Automated Side Loader and the MANTIS Automated Front Loader. Our commitment to this philosophy drives all product development.

DaDee Manufacturing is the leader in the design of efficient, dependable, environmentally friendly, and most importantly SAFER vehicles for the refuse industry.




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SCORPION ASL: 20, 27, 31, 33 Cubic YD Capacity


  • - Patented Continuous Hopper Cover & Power Sweep Packer System
  • - Self-cleaning hopper Area with NO clean-out doors OR sump traps
  • - No need to clean out behind the blade EVER
  • - Packer blade is the hopper cover
  • - SCORPION ALS packing mechanism allows the operator to collect larger amounts of commodity (300 gallon containers, cardboard, etc) without excessive throttle useage - resulting in driver downtime
  • - SCORPION ALS features low dBA electronically cushioned packer cycle
  • - Standard:  Joystick OR LST controls; both together as option
  • - Standard:  90 gallon container friendly grabbers
  • - Option:  48-300 gallon grabbers, 64-300 gallon grabbers, CUSTOM grabbers upon request
  • - Standard:  ZERO VOC powder-coating process with ALL SCORPION units
  • - Option: Custom graphics, decals & roadway display sign frames available
  • - Standard: Complete LED lighting package; other option lighting available
  • - Standard: Dual color camera system with flat screen monitors
  • - Standard: one year warranty
  • - Option: Alternative fuel
  • - Integrated & Simplistic SCORPION electronic control system
  • - Proven 2,000 LB lift capacity & rated 1, 600 LB continous operation
  • - Hydralic system features low RPM operate in-gear hydraulic dual-vane pump, outside frame accessibel hydraulic tank shut-off valve & 10 micron hydraulic fluid filtration
  • - Hydraulic tank mounted above chassis frame to gravity feed the pump eliminating the need to pressuize the hydraulic tank.
  • - ANSI & FMVSS compliant

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Watch Video of Scorpion Same Day Grabber

Watch Video of Scorpion Hopper

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Mantis AFL:  40 Cubic YD Capacity

    - Listed Body Capacity Does NOT Include 10 Cu. YD. Hopper.
  • - Hydraulic Actuated Top Door & Patent Pending Power Sweep Packer System
  • - Self-Cleaning Hopper Area with NO Clean-Out Doors OR Sump Traps
  • - No Need to Enter the Body & Clean out Behind the Blade EVER
  • - Low dBA Electronically Cushioned Packer Cycle
  • - Standard: Ergonomically Friendly 2 Axis Joystick Controls
  • - Standard: ZERO VOC Powder-Coating Process with ALL MANTIS Units
  • - Standard: Complete LED Lighting Package; Other Option Lighting Available
  • - Option: Custom Graphics, Decals & Roadway Display Sign Frames 
  • - Integrated & Simplistic Electronic Control System
  • - Single Motion Electronically "Cushioned" Independent Arm Functions
  • - MANTIS Arms Rated at 8,000 LB Lift Capacity 
  • - Features 54'' Forks With Other Configurations Available as Options
  • - Hydraulic System Features Low RPM Operate In-Gear Hydraulic Dual-Vane Pump, Outside Frame Accessible Hydraulic Tank Shut-Off Valve, & 10 Micron Hydraulic Fluid Filtration
  • - Hydraulic Tank Mounted Above Chassis Frame to Gravity Feed the Pump Eliminating the Need to Pressurize the Hydraulic Tank. 
  • - Standard: Dual Color Camera System with Flat Screen Monitors
  • - Standard: One Year Warranty
  • - Option: Alternative Fuel
  • - Due to Innovation of the Packing Mechanism, No Clean-Out Doors are Needed on MANTIS Units, to Access Behind The Blade as This DOES NOT Create a Confined Work Space as Defined by OSHA #3138-017
  • - ANSI & FMVSS Compliant.