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Engineered for Performance

For nearly 50 years, Wayne Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of chassis-mounted productivity solutions for the solid waste industry. In fact, Wayne was a pioneer in automated collection with the introduction of the first Wayne Curbtender ASL back in the 1970's. Today, Wayne Engineering seeks to produce equipment that has the best quality, dependability and productivity in the industry. Our engineers and support team are dedicated to continually developing and testing new solutions. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the product, service and performance that every customer demands.



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Titan™ Front Loader

Best value in a commerical and residential front loader.

The Titan lives up to its name ... powerful and mighty. Here's a mid-weight, strong-performance front loader perfect for most all commercial waste. The right specs here make for a great value and a proven performer.
- 40 cu. yd. body

  • - 900-1,000 lb./yd. compaction rating
  • - 35-40 sec. cycle time
  • - 8,000 load rated front arms
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Phoenix™ Rear Loader

A high-compaction, heavy duty, commercial rear loader.

The Phoenix features a unique in-line packing design that transfers packing forces directly to the packer panel. The result is higher compaction ratings with greater load density distributed end to end. Add the automated Arlock™ one-man container handing system, and tackle commerical routes with unmatched speed and operator safety.

  • - 20, 25 and 32 cu. yd. bodies
  • - 1,000-plus lb./yd. compaction rating
  • - 25-28 sec. cycle time
  • - Rugged 3 cu. yd. hopper
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Quantum™ Rear Loader

A new small-body, high-performance rear loader

The new Quantum is light years ahead of any other small rear loader on the market. This high-performance unit is built to readily accept commerical container handling options as well as conventional cart tippers. The packer plate sweeps the entire tailgate for fast, complete cycling. Unique packing mechanism produces high compaction ratings and superb weight distribution.
- 6 to 10 cu. yd. body capacties
- 800-900 lbs. per cu. yd compaction ratings
- 13 sec cycle times
- Handles 1 to 6 cu. yd. commerical containers
- Ready to accept container handling options

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Curbtender™ Side Loader

High-performance ASL with programmable container handling.

The industry's first ASL still goes by the name Curbtender. Refined, elegant, powerful and highly durable. This automated side loader just keeps getting better with proportional hydraulics and smart PLC controls.

    • - 20 to 31 cu. yd. bodies
    • - 800 - 1,000 cu./yd. compaction rating
    • - 15-18 sec. cycle time
    • - 7' reach lift arm rated to 2,000 lbs. lift load
    • - Quik-Grip programmable gripper positioning

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AutoCat® Side Loader

A mid-compaction, mid-sized automated side loader ideal for select applications.

The AutoCat is a unique, mid-size automated side loader, highly effective in tackline special assignments. Maneuverable and fuel efficient, the AutoCat can sweep through cul de sacs with ease, or chase down missed stops without wasting time. It's even small enough to handle narrow alleyways. The AutoCat is the perfect addition to any fleet with larger, less nimble automated units.

    • - 10 to 14 cu. yd. bodies
    • - Arm reach of 6 ft.
    • - 8-10 second arm cycle time
    • - 600-800 lb./yd. compaction rating

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TomCat Side Loader

Mid-Compaction side loaders with satellite flexibility.

Fast, Maneuvarable and fuel efficient, this is the perfect side loader for small subscriber routes and single stream recycling services. Standard TomCats feature a single-piece AR 400 steel floor with rounded tailgate for optimum capacity. Satellite models feature a flat tailgate and tip-up body that allows clean eject into larger rear loaders, keeping the TomCat busy picking up remote sites.

    • - 8-14 cu. yd. SL body
    • - 6 & 10 cu. yd. SSL body
    • - 600-800 lb./yd. compaction
    • - 17 second cycle time

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The Pup Side Loader

Perfect for collecting refuse or recyclables in restricted public areas.

The PUP is ideal for parks and recs, beaches and resorts, campuses, zoos and mobile home courts — whenever larger refuse trucks can't go or are not practical. Choice of truck-mounted or trailer-mounted models with barrel and cart loading options.

    • - 6 cu. yd. body
    • - 400-500 lb./yd. compaction rating
    • - 15-18 sec. cycle time
    • - Recommended chassis include: Ford F350 and F450, GM 3500 and 4500

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Super Series Rear Loader

The smallest, most productive rear loader on the market.

You can go anywhere with the high performance of the SuperSeries — and save fuel doing it. Get in and out of tight spots and low-clearance areas like parking ramps. Perfect for rural routes, downtown locations, gated communities ... or wherever bigger, heavier loader can't tread. .

    • - 6 to 8 cu. yd. bodies
    • - 650 lb./yd. compaction rating
    • - 10-14 sec. cycle time
    • - Total height of 64" above chassis frame.

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